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Using the Element Scheme to Create Contrast
Using the Element Scheme to Create Contrast
Written by Simon I.
Updated over a week ago

The Scheme setting in each element has a built-in purpose for creating elements with high contrast between each other. In other words, your proposal will shine when you have a light element on top of a dark element on top of a light element and so on.

This effect (also known as "zebra stripes") help to differentiate each content element as its own distinct thought. The best proposals we've seen interchange these contrasting zones to create hierarchy and distinction with each subsequent zone.

While utilizing Scheme be sure also to selectively use background colors and images. At a maximum, use a background image on every other content zone. Also be cognizant for how you're utilizing color. When setting a background color, stay away from stark white or stark black. Use slightly off white grays and charcoal tones of black to create interest without distracting. Bright yellow may not be the wisest choice for a background color with heavy content in the foreground.

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