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Background Images Best Practices
Background Images Best Practices
Written by Simon I.
Updated over a week ago

Adding background images to elements is the best way to make your proposals "pop". However, it's possible to use too much of a good thing. We recommend utilizing background images at a maximum of every other element.

For darker images, be sure to choose a dark scheme on the Design tab and conversely a light scheme for lighter images.

Play around with the Mask Background option to ensure that your text is readable against the business of an image.

Try to upload images no larger than 2000px wide for best results. And as always, use images in the landscape orientation, not the portrait. Your results will be much better.

As a general rule. use darker images on the dark schemes and a lighter images on light schemes. This contrast will help your content really shine.

Keep in mind that Proposa is built to be completely mobile responsive and doesn't require anything from you to make that happen. As such, your background image will be cropped in the very center of the image depending on the device. It's best to avoid images with clear focal points as we can't be sure that the focal point will be in the frame on smaller devices such as mobile phones.

Finding Stock Photography

Some simple stock photography goes a long way to creating vibrant proposals. Keep the image selections relevant to the prospect you're proposing.

A few of our favorite spots for stock photography are:

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