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Proposal Heatmaps and Behavioral Analysis
Proposal Heatmaps and Behavioral Analysis
Written by Simon I.
Updated over a week ago

One of the more exciting features of Proposa is the ability to see how your prospects are viewing your proposal. We've built in a dynamic heatmap to visually show you how your proposal is being consumed.

Note, this feature is only available on the Business Plan and up.

You can view the heatmap once you send your proposal and as your prospects interact with it. First, edit your proposal and enter Preview Mode by clicking the preview button at the top right.

Preview Mode allows you to see your proposal as your prospect sees it. You can also change the viewport to see what it looks like on various device sizes.

To toggle on the behavioral analysis, click the Heatmap button on the top utility bar.

Once toggled on, you'll see a cumulative display about how all of your prospects have viewed your proposal.


The Labels for your content zones are placed clearly on the heads-up display to the top left of each element as well as a sum total of the amount of time spent on that particular element to the top right.

A floating legend will appear at the bottom giving you an indication of where that particular element sits relative to the rest of the proposal.

The color gradients go from blue (elements with relative short views) to red (elements with relative long views).

Statistical Outliers

We've taken care of many of the edge cases that will skew your data. If a prospect changes applications on their computers or devices, or changes tabs within the browser, view data is automatically stopped. Additionally, if there's been no mouse movement in over 30 seconds, the timer stops until it movement has been resumed.

Future Updates

This is an exciting Proposa feature. While we are still developing out this functionality to add bells and whistles later, this feature is a part of Business and Enterprise plans.

Although the heatmap is a cumulative total (meaning if you send it to 5 people and all 5 people open and view the proposal, then the total amount of time spent looking at each element is included in the heatmap). We're planning to segment out the data on a per viewer basis to give you more control and understanding of who is looking at what.

If you're a fan of this feature, please head to our Community and upvote the planned addition.

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