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Content Element Overview
Content Element Overview
Written by Simon I.
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Proposa comes with 4 basic types of content elements: Panels, Lists, Tables, and Slideshows. Each element has its own unique properties that will fit your various needs.


The Panel is the most broad element within Proposa. In fact, each of the other elements (Lists, Tables, and Slideshows) use the Panel as a basic building block. All options that are available in the Panel are also available on the more specific elements.

Panels are a versatile way to mix content into your proposals. Best suited for text-based content with supplementary mixed multimedia, a Panel gives you plenty of options to display your content.


Lists are best suited when enumerating a set of things such as goals. The list appearance is big and bold giving it distinction between a simple bulleted list that you may use elsewhere.


Tables are meant for, well, tabular data. Whether it's a schedule of events with annotated details or a pricing grid, think of the table as a spreadsheet.


Slideshows give you the option to showcase several items in a side-to-side format. You may wish to showcase your team in this manner or provide background on a step-by-step process. It's also perfect for showcasing several creative examples without extending the top-to-bottom length of your proposal.

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