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Element Design Attributes
Element Design Attributes
Written by Simon I.
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Proposa's Builder has a series of tabs with customizable controls to get the look and feel on your proposal just right.



The Design tab gives you options for how you want your content to appear. Proposa will gracefully take care of most design decisions for you to help keep your proposal nice and tidy. However, we've built in a few options to help your proposal look and feel like its yours.


This label is used for information purposes only. If you decide to save this content for later use in other Proposals, your Label will help you identify the purpose of the Panel. Additionally, this label will appear in complimentary screens like reordering and behavioral analytics.


Proposa comes with two primary schemes for each content block, a dark and a light. A dark scheme presents a darker background color with a light foreground. Not surprisingly, a light scheme is the exact opposite. Play around with these settings and try creating content zones that are high contrast, meaning the first one would have a dark scheme and the next one would have a light scheme.


You have two options for backgrounds: an image or a color.

Image backgrounds allow you to upload an attachment and have it appear on the background. We have created a set of best practices for images that you may want to reference including sizes.

Similarly, choosing a color as a background allows you to use any color you wish to give your content section some life.

Applying an image mask will create a semi-transparent overlay that will help create more contrast between the foreground and the background. Apply a mask if you find that the color you're using or the image you're using as the background makes it difficult to read the text on top of it.

The Fill Viewport option will let this particular content zone reach from the very top of a recipient's browser to the very bottom.


To set the canvas for your content, you can choose a one-column layout or a two-column layout. If choosing a two-column layout, you have an additional option of setting the columns as equal width, a larger left column, or a larger right column. This will help create some visual variance to your content to keep it interesting.

Note: column-based content is only available on the Panel element.

Putting It Together

Using a combination of the options in the design tab of the Panel, you can create dynamic, exciting proposal sections like the one being shown here.

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