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Password Protection
Written by Simon I.
Updated over a week ago

With Proposa, you can create an additional layer of security around your proposals by requiring a password to view.

Keep in mind that proposals sent without password protection are also secure. Each recipient receives a unique URL that identifies them. These URLs use hashing technology to ensure that simply "guessing" at a URL is sufficiently difficult for an unauthorized user to be able to feasibly guess or brute force.

That all being said, applying a password creates another set of sentiment on behalf of the receiving party that their proposal is for them. Keep in mind that a single password is used for all recipients. You don't need to create a separate password per person.

Setting a Password

To set a password, open the proposal editor and click the Password icon.

This action will bring up a field for setting, modifying, or removing a password.


Try to build additional confidence with your recipient by making the password relevant to them. For example, if you know they are an alum of North Carolina State University, you may want to consider a password of GoWolfpack.

Notifications to Recipients

By default, if the proposal is password protected, their notification email will include the password as well as the unique link for each recipient.

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