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Updating Proposal Titles, Values, and Permalinks, and Collaborators
Updating Proposal Titles, Values, and Permalinks, and Collaborators
Written by Simon I.
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When you first create a new proposal, you're provided a few fields to give some background on a particular proposal. During this first step, you can set the proposal's title, permalink, and value.

As things change during the sales process, you may need to update this information along the way.

Use the Info icon inside of the proposal builder to modify this information.

The title field is for you and your team to correctly identify and categorize your proposals. The value field will be particularly useful as you mark proposals as won or lost. This value is combined with other activity represented on the Dashboard.

The Theme controls the font styles and other accent elements that will be available on this proposal. Follow the Browse Themes link to see the differences in them.

The permalink field is the basic format for the link that is sent to your recipients. Keep in mind that this link will be appended with unique identifiers for each recipient. You may want to update this to be more representative of your client. Don't worry, updating a permalink will not interrupt previously sent links to recipients.

The Value field is an internal measure on what this proposal is worth. This will be used to calculate several of the analytics metrics found throughout your account. Your prospect will never see this value.

You can add others to this proposal by adding them as a collaborator. Collaborators will be able to edit this proposal and receive open notifications if you're on the Team or Business tiers.

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