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Defining Proposal Recipients
Defining Proposal Recipients
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Once you finish building your proposal, it's time to define who receives a link to access the proposal. This is done by clicking the Share Proposal item on the top left.

Clicking Share Proposal will toggle a screen to take you through the steps of identifying these recipients.

Clicking Add Recipient will provide fields for identifying the first name, last name, and email address of the person to receive the proposal. Don't worry, adding the recipient in this stage will not automatically send a proposal. We'll cover how to generate a notification below.

Once you've defined all of your recipients, you'll see a tidy listing of all of your recipients.

Editing Existing Recipients

If you need to update any information on an existing recipient, click the recipient's avatar (indicated either by initials or publicly available images of the person) to the left of their name.

Removing Recipients

You can also remove a recipient from your proposal. Keep in mind that if you have previously sent this recipient a proposal, this will remove their access for good. If done by mistake, you can always add them again, but they will receive a brand new link that uniquely identifies them.

To remove a recipient, click on the recipient's avatar to the left of their name the same way you would to edit their information. Now, you'll notice a gray X icon to the top right. If you click it, you'll see an option to permanently remove that recipient from the proposal. This is a two-step process to prevent accidental removals but to also ensure that you're aware that you're making a permanent action.

Sending Notifications

After you have completed your proposal and you're ready to send it, toggle on the Share Proposal box to begin the notification process.

You can either click the Select All box to the top right to toggle on notifications for everyone or manually make your selection by clicking the check mark to the right of each recipient. Once you've made your selection, simply press the Send Notifications button to the bottom right to generate an email to each recipient with a unique link for each for proposal viewing.

Note: if your current proposal state is Draft the Send Notifications button will say Publish and Send Notifications which will simultaneously publish your proposal and send unique links.

Manually Notifying Your Recipients

If you'd prefer to send the email yourself to your prospect, you can quickly get the link to the proposal through this window. Note, your proposal must be in the Published state to be able to get the URL. 

You can send one of two versions: either the digital link or a PDF link. Using the link icon will copy that person's unique URL to the digital proposal to your clipboard. Similarly, using the PDF icon will copy that person's URL to the PDF version of your proposal to your clipboard.

Keep in mind that each prospect gets their own unique URL. This is how Proposa is able to track important metrics like open notifications. You'll want to use Proposa's built-in email system described above, or manually email each prospect independently with a new URL.

Note, your proposal must be in the Published state for your prospect to be able to open the URL. Moving the proposal to any other state will cause those links to go inactive.

I've Edited a Proposal That Was Previously Sent

Don't worry! All of your updates will cascade to each recipient automatically. You don't need to send additional notifications. You're all set.

Enable Digital Signing

You can mark and define a prospect as a signatory and have your prospect electronically sign and accept your proposal. Read more about digital signing.

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