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Saved Content
Written by Simon I.
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You can build a library of content that can be reused across proposals while you're creating proposals. This will help save time among individuals and teams where pre-written and approved content can easily be inserted into any proposal.

Saving Content for Later Use

Once you've completed creating a new section of content, you can hover over this element to be presented with additional options. To the top right, you will see a disk icon that will let you save this particular element in your library.

Once you click this icon, you'll have the option of naming this particular element for easy retrieval in other proposals.


Your predefined label for this element is automatically entered for your convenience, although you have the option here of naming it anything you wish.

Once complete, hitting the save icon will make this piece of content available by you and your team on future proposals.

Reusing Saved Content

You can retrieve a saved content by adding a new element and choosing the saved content icon.

Choosing Saved Content will bring up your library for identifying which piece of saved content you would like to reuse.


You can browse and search all of your content on the left. Selecting an item will give you a quick preview of the element. Once complete, click Use Saved Content to insert that element into your proposal.

Note: Once you insert saved content into your new proposal, feel free to edit that content. Any and all updates to that saved content will not cascade to other proposals where you may have used that same piece of saved content before. It is treated like a unique piece of content once it has been inserted.

Viewing Your Library of Saved Content

You can view your full library of saved content outside of the context of the proposal builder. Once logged into Proposa, click Saved Content on the left-hand navigation to view, browse, search, and delete previously saved content.


Hovering over individual content will bring up additional options for you.


The trashcan icon deletes the content permanently from your account and will no longer be usable by you or a member of your team. The unfilled circle to the top left will allow you to select that content in addition to others to quickly delete multiple pieces of content at once.


The eye icon will let you quickly see a preview of the content.


You can also delete the content from this screen as well.

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