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Take your fantastic digital proposal and turn it into a gorgeous PDF document.

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This feature is currently in beta. Please report any issues through the live chat in the lower right.

You can export any of your proposals to a downloadable PDF. There are two ways to deliver PDF documents to your prospects.

Note your Proposal must be in the Published state for these features to show on your dashboard.

Through the "Share Proposal" dialog box

This is the preferred method to send a PDF document to your prospect. Routing the proposal this way will still trigger open notifications. If your prospect downloads the PDF to their desktop, subsequent opens will not trigger open notifications. It's always preferable to send the digital version. Only send the PDF version on request. 

Download a PDF copy to your computer

You can retrieve a PDF copy of your proposal through the Preview mode. To access this PDF, edit any proposal and click the Preview button in the top right corner. Once in preview mode, you'll see a Download button which will allow you to get a PDF version of your proposal.

Note: once you send a PDF attachment via email, there's no editing it or getting it back. Any expiration dates you apply to a proposal will not apply to a PDF that has been downloaded, by you or your prospect. Because of this, it's always preferable to send the digital version. Only send the PDF version on request.

How The PDFs are Formatted

As a general rule, each content section you create in Proposa creates a page break in the PDF document. If you see empty pages in your PDF, it's because you have an empty content zone in the Proposa editor.

If a content zone spans more than one page in the PDF, it will gracefully add a second page with the same design options (such as your background images) to the printable document. 

All Slideshows are stacked on top of each other for display in the PDF as do multiple column Panels.

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