Access Controls

Proposa comes with three distinct user roles. Understand what each one of these roles do.

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You can control how others in your company experience Proposa. Let's go through each role and their corresponding capabilities.

Administrator – the Administrator can see and edit any proposal across your account. They can also edit users, see the Analytics Dashboard, update subscriptions and billing settings.

Editor – the Editor can see and edit any proposal across your account as well. They cannot edit users or update your subscription or billing settings.

Collaborator – the Collaborator can only see and edit proposals that they have created or ones that they have specifically been added to.Β 

Open Notifications

Open notifications, available on Team and Business tiers, will be sent to the creator of the proposal and any user specifically added to that proposal as a collaborator.

Defining Collaborators

When you create a new proposal, you can specify who on your account should also have the ability to edit the proposal. As a collaborator, this users will have full access to all the features and functions of the proposal builder, including defining proposal recipients and sending that proposal out.

You can always add or remove additional collaborators using the Info button within that proposal's editor.

Check out this article for an in-depth look at adding and removing collaborators.

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