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Enable Digital Signatures On Your Proposals
Enable Digital Signatures On Your Proposals

Define a signatory and allow them to electronically agree and sign a proposal.

Written by Simon I.
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Note: Digital Signing is available on Team and Business tiers.

This feature will allow you to specify a signer to your proposals and allow them to electronically sign off on your proposal.

Defining the Signer

You can only have one designated signatory per proposal. You will find this setting under the Share Proposal dialog screen and is part of the process of defining proposal recipients. Read more about defining proposal recipients here.

As a part of inputting your proposal recipients, you'll notice a checkbox to mark that person as the signatory.

Once a person is marked as a signer, the version of the proposal that is sent to him or her will contain an accept button at the bottom of the proposal.

Once they click Accept, they'll be asked to verify their identity and sign.

Once they click Accept and Sign, the proposal is moved to the Won status.

What Happens After They Sign?

After your prospect, and now client, signs, the proposal is locked for editing by you and is automatically moved to the Won status and will no longer count against your Published Proposals quota. You both will receive a PDF copy of the signed proposal via email.

You will still have access to this proposal in your Proposa Dashboard. You can preview it or clone it to start a new copy based on that proposal. You will not be able to edit a signed proposal. It will be permanently locked.

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