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This article will take you through creating an automatically generated table of contents for your proposal.

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Creating a Table of Contents and keeping it updated is simple and straightforward with Proposa.

You can add a Table of Contents at any point inside of your proposal by utilizing the Table of Contents icon at the bottom of your proposal or hovering over the + icon  between sections of your proposal:

The Table of Contents element behaves similarly to the List element that you may already be familiar with.

You have the same Design and Content options that you have with each other element including a tag, heading, and paragraph content as well as background colors and images.

Your List Is Probably Empty

On the initial insertion, your list will probably be empty. If you have other content already in the proposal, you can add that section to your Table of Contents by editing it and marking the box for it to include:

Marking the box for Include in Table of Contents will add that section to your Table of Contents element with the text that is displayed in the Label of that element.

The Table of Contents will be fully interactive allowing your prospect to click on a section which will automatically scroll them to that particular location in your proposal.

Sticky Menu

The Table of Contents also creates an optional sticky menu on your prospect's view. You can enable and disable the sticky menu by editing the Table of Contents element:

When checked, your prospect will get a menu that displays like this:

And when clicked, it'll open up into a full screen menu:

List Styling

The list styling for the Table of Contents is directly inherited by the theme you have chosen and will output in the same manner as other lists in your proposal. You can also set the Table of Contents list as a bulleted or numbered list, depending upon your preferences.

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